Don’t cry over spilt milk, it can lead to big ideas.

Following a mishap while making a round of drinks for his family, our founder Andrew Kitchen realised the tea run, omnipresent in British homes and offices, could be made much, much better.

The idea

Andrew’s vision was to produce an exciting, practical alternative to the everyday mug. I wanted to bring people closer together through good design and good times.

The situation

Spending ten minutes each day having a coffee break with friends or colleagues is essential for mental wellbeing; whether it’s sharing a feeling, re-living an experience or coming up with the next big idea.

The challenge

Whether you’re curled up on the sofa, sat at your desk, or tucked up in bed, the journey from the kettle to your favourite place should be hassle free. But often you are carrying more than one mug, a packet of biscuits and opening doors with your elbows- a recipe for accidents.

Enter Buddy Mugs.

The Buddy Mug

Our unique tessellating mug design allows multiple mugs to be carried comfortably in one hand, making the journey from the kettle to your favourite place hassle and stress free.

The Buddy Mug has been carefully crafted to be distinctive, beautiful and iconic on its own or as part of a set; the uninterrupted form, tessellating design and graphics working together to create the ultimate social mug.

So, pop the kettle on, grab some buddies, make a drink and share some time.

Buddy Mugs featured on Channel 4's Buy it Now